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     Ms. Wallace received her BA in Literature from  Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and went on to earn a MAT in Elementary Reading and Literacy.  In May 2016 she received her MA in Educational Leadership from Montclair State University.  As a Language Arts teacher she brings her passion for reading and writing into the classroom with hopes to encourage students to tell their stories, experience a world outside of their own and to create adventures for others.    
     Holding fast to the belief that all children can learn, Ms. Wallace diversifies her lessons in effort to meet each learner at their level and learning style, resulting in academic success for everyone.  That moment when her students "get it" never gets boring.  Instead, it pushes her to continue to work toward students gaining mastery and finding confidence. 
     Although her resume states 2015-2016 marks her 15th year as an educator, Ms. Wallace does not consider herself a master teacher. She prefers the humble description of novice, not because she lacks experience or knowledge, but simply because there is always something new and fresh entering the field of education.  She is never above learning from others and seeking suggestions from colleagues. Ms. Wallace sees each year as a year to improve upon teaching methods and strategies, a year to do better than her best and a year to inspire once more.
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